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Dream big, start small, and grow fast. Ready to turn your ideas into a thriving digital business? With easy-to-use tools and a global reach, we make it simple to sell anything from ebooks to tech gadgets. Join a community of forward-thinkers and watch your business bloom. Your entrepreneurial journey starts now. Let’s make it extraordinary!

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Virtual Products

Effortlessly sell a wide range of digital products, from creative content packs to comprehensive design bundles. Stress-free selling at its best.

Ebooks & Templates

Our platform is ideal for all your ebook needs – whether they’re for download or read online, in any format.

Event Tickets & Training

Easily sell tickets for a variety of events, including masterclasses, workshops, training sessions, and webinars.

Our platform supports all service-based sales, from coaching and consulting to design services.
Physical Goods
Not just digital! Sell a variety of physical products, from fashion to tech, using our versatile platform.

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Your Store, Your Rules

At Pasive, you’re more than just a store owner – you’re part of a thriving marketplace. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs like you to succeed in a tech-driven world.

No matter your business size, Pasive offers the platform and audience you need to grow and enhance your brand. Join us and transform your enterprise. Welcome to your new e-commerce home!

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Begin by registering on our platform. It’s quick, easy, and the first step towards a new horizon of opportunities.


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Customize your storefront using our intuitive tools. Create a profile that captures the essence of your brand and showcases your unique identity.


List Your Products

Add your products with ease. Our platform supports you in uploading high-quality images and crafting compelling descriptions to attract your ideal customers.


Start Selling

Once your store is live, you’re all set to sell to our growing community of tech enthusiasts and startups. Leverage Pasive’s reach to connect with a wider audience and watch your business soar.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

What is Ellie?

Ellie is an AI assistant built by Pasive to help creators and store owners streamline their work, from generating product descriptions to managing social media

How does Ellie work?

Ellie uses AI LLMs like Claude, Llama & ChatGPT to help your work

Who can use Ellie?

Ellie is designed for anyone on the Pasive platform looking to save time and boost productivity, especially creators and store owners.

Is Ellie difficult to use?

Not at all! Ellie is user-friendly and designed to make your work easier. Just type in your request, and Ellie will handle the rest.

Can Ellie manage social media?

Yes, Ellie can help craft social media ads, announcements, and more, helping you maintain an active and engaging online presence.

How can Ellie help with content creation?

Ellie can generate podcast scripts, product descriptions, press releases, and other content to help you communicate effectively with your audience.

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USD $10/month

Ellie is an AI assistant built for creators and trained to be safe, accurate, and secure.

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